Acer XDS React Hybrid Sand Wedge


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Club Head Tested– Sand Wedge 55 Degree
Club Head Price– 14.95
Key Features- Very large club face, has the appearance of a fairway wood, feels heavy. 

What I Loved 

The Playability- This club head was really easy to use after I got the hang of it.  Once I dialed it in, I was getting within a couple of feet of the target every time. You will have to play with tilting the head on different shots and heights of grass.  Most important thing is it to let the club-face do the work.
The Distance Control– I had very good distance control on a pitch shot within 50 yards, the backspin was amazing when I followed through.  It really put the ball in the air and stops on the green.  Like a boss.
The Feel– When I swung it I felt more confident because the mass allowed for a higher margin of error. Unlike a normal SW, there is a very small margin of error so your swing has to be more precise.  It was great that it carried the weight in a way that made it feel heavy, even though it actually weighs less than the SW I have previously been using. Once you swing it, you know that you are going to make good solid contact, it just glides under the ball.
The Look–  Acer did a great job on the looks, it definitely looks more expensive than $14.95.  Love the black and red color.  If you put it in your bag it will be a conversation piece with your golf buddies.

What I Would Change

The Playability- On a full swing, I tended to open the face. Nothing that couldn’t be changed with some practice, but at first it really pulled my ball to the right.
The Distance Control– Once I got beyond 50 yards, I felt I lost a little control.
The Feel– After using a normal SW my whole golf life, this one felt really different, and really heavy at first. After about 20 shots I got used to it though.
The Look–  I am not going to lie, at first it looks really weird, kind of like you cut a 3 wood in half.  The face looked unfinished. Maybe give it a black finish to match the club head, or if they wanted to get really crazy, make it red.

Final Thoughts

Overall it’s a very fun club to play with. Where I aimed, it went.  This club would be very good for a beginner and people who struggle with hitting the ball thin, the mass of the club will force you to stay down on the ball.  If you are building a club with this head, pick a heavier shaft.  Overall, it’s a well-designed club head with a very low learning curve, unlike traditional wedges.  If you struggle with your wedges this could help you pick up a few strokes.

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